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In the field of early music, even after so long, there is still so much to discover, to explore, and to perform for audiences. The wealth of music is inexhaustible and the element of surprise is never missing from concerts. Early music is authentic, exhilarating and moves us.


Since founding our agency in 2013, we have worked closely with artists, achieving common goals and maintaining close contact based on trust. We have a high regard for our artists’ curiosity, their infectious enthusiasm and their spirit of discovery – which extends beyond the boundaries of historical performance practice. 


We offer our partners high-calibre artists, a direct, transparent way of working and efficient collaboration. We are interested in your plans and your audiences, and look forward to working with you, from the initial idea to the final applause. 


With best wishes, Albina Alba and Julia Gorka



Albina Alba 

Studied in Paderborn and Palma de Mallorca • B.A. in Cultural Studies • Procurement and Project Management  • speaks German, Italian, English and Spanish • incurable optimist

Julia Gorka

Studied in Hildesheim and Marseille • Diploma in Cultural Studies • Médiatrice culturelle de l’Art M.A. • Procurement and Project Management • speaks German, English and French • incurable realist


AlbaGorka Artist Management is a member of REMA / Early Music in Europe